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BA123: Baoer Eight Horses.

Date: c2000?

Size: Length - 5 7/16 inches capped; 6 5/16 inches posted.

A lovely old stock Chinese pen.  This is the Eight Horses pen.  Eight is a very lucky number to the chinese so this pen is designed to bring luck to the owner.  It is in excellent and undamaged condition and has never been used.  The cap has a gold plated stud set in the domed black top button.  Just below this is a gold plated band imprinted with the manufacturer's name, and a very nice fluted fold plated pocket clip.  Near the lip is a gold plated band.  The end of the barrel narrows to allow the cap to post very firmly.  In the centre of the barrel is a beautiful brushed and antiqued metal overlay with a relief decoration of the eight horses in the pen's title.  This is interspersed with Chinese characters, and a decorated border top and bottom.  The section is slightly textured and bounded by gold plated bands either side.  The nib is partially gold plated and in a fine point.

I have fully serviced this pen.   The nib writes very smoothly with a wet and fine width line.